Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's complicated, we barely make it.

I am so screwed for tomorrow.. Apparently, everybody is studying but not me! I had the whole day to study today too but, I'm me and I didn't..

Well, woke up at 9 something.. Watched Las Vegas then went to cook proper breakfast. I love cooking breakfast. Is just that, when I cook, noone eats.. Noone eats breakfast in this family. But today, since it's just me and Jessie and Formula One to watch, I cooked sausages, fried sunny side up, chopped some carrots and cucumber and made hot dogs. =)

After that, I had the whole time to study.. but instead, I day dreamed then went to bed for awhile.. I was home alone, so it was so quiet..

Didn't study at all.. It's really a damn honeymoon year for me.. Just 'cruise' along..

My room is a mess! You won't know if there's rats! I hope there's no rats....
I'm craving for Alexis's cake! But it's so jelak!

I pretty much downloaded everything this month. My comp wasn't shut down for almost 2 weeks.. Connection still going strong! ;D

Well, tomorrow's our finals but tomorrow is also the day where all the hard work pays off for the FORM 3s! Good Luck! It's not as scary as what you think it is... It's easy to copy too, if you get what I mean. ;P

There are miracles!

Hamilton straight for Victory!

Formula One Japanese GP Results :
  • 1st : Lewis Hamilton ( splendid job! )
  • 2nd : Heikki Kovalainen ( random, unbelievable job )
  • 3rd : Kimi Raikkonen ( Still got it! )
  • 4th : David Coulthard ( random too )

The starting of the race was a disappointment with starting behind the safety car for over 20 laps. And whatthehell strategy was that for the Ferrari's to pit that early in the race.. As a result, Massa and Kimi was pushed back to 20th and 21st on grid.

After the safety car, the real race begins!! with collision and retirements. hahaa!! The exciting part was at the end of the race where Kimi overtaken Coulthard.. It was a brilliant overtaking and awesome driving by Kimi.. He didn't manage it with Heikki though. He tried, but failed..

Still, Kimi's in the competition for the Driver's Championship! which is good ;P
Excellent driving for Kimi to finish 3rd, starting from the back of the grid.. Literally.. He should have taken 2nd place!!

Alonso crashed out! ;D which is GREAT !! =) Hold up, did you know that he's married to some babe, Raquel del Rosario. Yup! But they're keeping it a secret.. haha!! She's kinda pretty if you look closely..

Poor Sabastian Vettel. He was potential looking at a step on that podium if it wasn't for that little collision between him and Mark Webber.. I must say, with wet condition, the drivers line-up is a little bit wonky! There was at least 12 leader leading the laps. =D

The funny part is, the two Finnish drank the champain before spraying it.. Alcoholic much?

*// edit =)

The reason why Massa and Kimi went in to the pits THAT early on the race is because they were on intermediates tyres..
"After the race I heard there was something from race control to force everyone to start on full wets but the FIA or race control or whoever forgot to tell our team before the start." Said Kimi...

THat's why lar peeps! hahaa ;P

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Zero to sixty in three point five.

Ohkay basically today I had the whole freaking day to study but I passed that offer.. I've got like Chemistry to worry the most, Sejarah, what else.. basic subject that I'll study on the day itself ;p.. English.. I have no idea what am I going to do with my maths. I suck at that!

Looks like I only have Chemistry and Sejarah to study and I had like 5 days to study but I didn't. smarty pants.

Alah, I edy didn't attend tuition on wednesday, tomorrow will have another one but I won't go too! It's in the middle of Formula One.. But I have to go but I don't want to go! Formula One is more important than Chemistry! ;P So to say, Formula One trumps Chemistry.

Everyone will be out tomorrow! Noone will be home the entire dayy! How sad is that dude!! I'll have to watch Formula One by myself and it's not fun watching it by myself!

Tell me baby girl cause I need to know

Hamilton On Pole!

Formula One Qualifying Results :
  • 1st : Lewis Hamilton ( deserves to be on pole! )
  • 2nd : Fernando Alonso ( too bad, loserr! )
  • 3rd : Kimi Raikkonen ( you're melting in wet condition! =P )
  • 4th : Felipe Massa ( Ready to support )
  • 5th : Heidfeld ( way to go! )

Well done. My prediction was wrong.. And there I though that Alonso will be on pole, Hamilton steps it up at his last flying lap snatching pole away from Alonso by just 0.070 seconds.

I gotta give it to that guy, Alonso. Mentally strong despite his relationship with the team, yet he caused it. Just go back to Renault where you belong le.

Kimi !! Eyes on the prize.. ;P

After 30 plus years of not racing in Fiji Speedway.. One word ; COMEBACK!
It'll be an interesting race if the wet condition continues! But, it will be very dangerous for Kimi and his championship points...

If I had to pick between Kimi, Hamilton and Alonso to become the champion, I would for sure pick Hamilton! Hands down! He's one of the best and competitive driver and we all know it.. Awesome driver! Plus, he's only a ROOKIE for God's sake!

They, the McLaren's team crew was so freaking happy when Hamilton past that finishing line first. I'm guessing that they too wants Hamilton to win more than Alonso.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Is anybody going CRAZIEE

Grey's Anatomy is not outt yettt!!! And I'm goiiiing crazy!!

Ohkay it's out in Minivova but it's not seeded!!! EZTV is not outt!!

Last night, I couldn't get a good night sleep! I kept waking up to check on the comp.. I woke up like at least 4 times to check if Grey's Anatomy's torrent is out yet. And in my mind, when I'm sleeping, I keep thinking that it's out and that I'm downloading it edy.. So, it's very disturbing and I couldn't sleep. My subconscious is very well awake.

Come out already !!! I need Grey's anatomy!!

I was checking Astro to see what time is F1 and it says it's at 12.57 and it's on the 29th. After many days of not going to school, I though that today was Saturday and I was like .. 'Qualifying is on the Sunday, then race is on Monday. Damn.. I need to skip exams.' Then I was thinking, the time difference between here and Japan is not a dayy.. So, I was still thinking then I remembered that today is a Friday! hahahha!!

That's what you get for not sleeping well at night.

// 2 Minutes later!

YEAH!! It's OUT WITH SEEDS!!!!!! Grey's here I come !!!!!!!!

*// Re-edit at 4.00 PM

What is wrong with the world of Grey's Anatomy!!! Come on! Why isn't the prince charming with the princess. Figuratively speaking !!

It was definitely happy, funny and also SAD !! Come on !! After everything.. After Addison, after Mark, after Finn, after everything! WHY can't they be togetherr!! and poor George! =(

Speaking of Addison, in Private Practice, they changed Naomi's character and she's definitely... I like the old Naomi more!

Come On!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Whenever I'm wrong, just tell me the song and I'll sing it ..

I'm gonna blog now, waiting for my download to finish in another couple of minutes. Remember a few weeks ago when I said I hated my connection. Yeah, I did say that.. My MSN keeps disconnecting and it takes so freaking long to upload a page.. But now, somehow it took a turn. My connection is damn freaking fast! My downloads, it can be done in 2 hours! I downloaded 3 shows last night and it was all done in the morning. Early morning!

I woke up at about 5 this morning. As usual now I can say.. I've been waking up at that time since puasa started. Anyways, since I was up, I did abit of studying.. Chem.. Read through salt then watched this new series Reaper.. It's the first episode and I think it's kinda boring. Lame shows like My Name is Earl. that kind of show. It's about this parents whom sold their first born's soul to the devil.. And now he has to help the devil collect escaped souls from hell.. And the thing is, the devil, he's good.. I mean, he don't look evil or speaks evil.. He's like a guardian angel guarding him.. weird right.


I haven't been studying at all.. Maybe a little of chem but it took me 3 days to study a little of chem and I haven't begun on the others!! Honeymoon year so they sayy.. DAMN IT

Grey's is todayy! I can't wait ! What the hell time is it there or here when they say 9/8 Central? What time?? 9/8C

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You can stand under my umbrella...

It's rainningg! Uuh baby it's raininngg!

House is also outt! New season!. What's up with that? How cool is it? It's like a mega new season month this month!! One Tree Hill is so sesat lar! Next year. Shhhehs!

I didn't know that last night, was lantern festival until I came home and mum was playing lanterns with the neighbours. I remember when I was form 2 I think, and I cel
ebrated my lantern day with friends.. Went to the park, lit up the whole park with candles.

Year 2005.with Ely, Sharon and KimC!

Me and Kim.. Ah, I remembered it was so hott!

Before my mum came home, my front gate was open only that I didn't know it was open. So, I think that Zephyr ran out when the postman came.. But when my mum came back, she told me that the front gate was opened. But, Zephyr was still there.. I think, that he ran out but came back.. His bowl of water was empty.. Clever.. knows how to come back..

Made sushi today.. I don't like washing my hands all the timee. When I wash, I tend to rub it on my shirt then that gets wet.. and there's a feeling after you washed your hands so many times that you don't feel like washing them anymore.

The point is, my sis always say my sushi sucks. So, I did everything for her.. the rice, fried the egg, cut the crap stick and all.. All she had to do is roll everything up and she can't do it! It all came in different sizes! Dumb ass! ;P

It's raining and I'm damn lazy to go tuition! =(

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I say lets go, let's goo.

Yi Shen got my phone!! And he flaunt it before me! =( hahaa!!

Had another assembly todayy and it was killing me slowly!!! Slow, painful death! ;P It was so damn freaking borinnng!!
And I must say, Pn. Tan is seriously unbelievable! SERIOUSLY!

hey, let's say, if the person A didn't attend school and person B had a dateline to pass up this something to person A. So, person B thought, "maybe I'll pass it up tomorrow. What's the differences right." So, should person B did what 'it' did? or should person B just put it on the desk? A desk where everybody pass by all the time. Anyways, person B decided to bring it home and handed it to person A the next day but, person A said that it's person B's fault for not handing it up on time.. But actually, person A didn't attend school and person B had noone to hand it up to! So, who's at the wrong??

Please vote! Person A and person B will be revealed soon..

Dude, Heroes is ouuuutt ! ;P

I'm damn damn damn lazy to highlight words with different colours.

Going to Francis laterr. I'm damn lazy and Crystal better be there!! YOU hear me WOMAN!

Monday, September 24, 2007

When the whole world is spinning and I'm standing still

I don't like my hair!

School was 'entertaining' today. The least I can say! Had that thingy in the morning where the form 3 shakes the teachers hand. Thank God they didn't have that last year. And if they did, thank MUMMIE for letting me not attend school! ;P

Rach has gone...... I don't want to finish that sentence because I don't want to step on her last nerve.. She'll probably scold me for writing this out anyways. Here's her status, even HariHaran can't make her laugh. There you go..

After recess, we had nothing but free period so me and Nisa decided to go down to the computer lab to do my accounts project. As much as I'm good on paper, I suck on comps. I'm not a computer person.. If something can't on or anything to do with the external computer, I'm not the girl.. Ask me to search or do other thing inside the program, that I'm familiar with.

Then went up to class and played BINGO... wasn't as fun as it sounds.. ;P And Paul can't stop gambling at the back.. I think that's the only thing keeping him coming to school every morning.

It was bloody hot today man! Freaking hot! Came back, did some studies then went to bed. After that, did my accounts. I don't know how am I gonna do the exams! Well, firstly, when I do my exercises, I'll have the answers to tell me what's wrong. How am I gonna know what's wrong in the exams without the answers?!?!

// I'm walking away!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's all about FRANCIS!

Plucked out from HELP UNIVERSITY COLLEGE - Media Centre.
Aren't we proud having Francis as our tutor! I am! =)

Most of the students said that their success would not have been possible if not for the guidance and help from the lecturers, especially accounting lecturer Mr Francis Dunn-Yu, who must be especially proud that 16 of his students scored a perfect score in their accounting papers.

Two of Francis Dunn-Yu’s students, Mr Hock Wai Hon, 17, and Mr Aaron Hee, 19, both agree that Francis is an excellent teacher. They both scored perfect scores for accounting.

“He’s a funny guy, direct to the point and he does not waste time. He has an effective teaching method, and summarizes everything up succinctly,” says Wai Hon, who will be studying Economics at the LSE.

“He also interacts well with the students, and gives us examples in class that relate to life,” agrees Aaron, who will be pursuing his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Warwick.

At a recent interview, Francis Dunn-Yu spoke about the utmost importance to be able to connect well with the students, and the ability to be relevant to them. “A good teacher needs to know where the students are in terms of the curriculum, their background, and their grasp of the knowledge of the topic. It is only then you are able to help them out individually,” he says. “You need to teach with love as well, if the students see that you teach with love, they will be attracted to you. You need to come down to their level.”

“It’s also important to start preparing the students for the exams early, and to shape them as soon as possible. I do this by throwing them into the deep ocean, and let them face the reality, which in this case, the actual exam questions,” Dunn-Yu says. “They need to be exposed to exam questions early, so they will have time to adjust.”

Life, is beautiful but it's complicated, We barely make it.

UUh! It rained the whole dayy!!

It's exhausting when mummie is not around! I have gotta wake up early to open the door so the doggies can go pee, then feed then, then wash the floor!! So much thing to do early morning.. I'm not the kinda girl who wakes up to open the door for the dogs to pee and pick up their poo! That's just not right!!

Plus, I won't have a decent meal per day!! hahhaa!

I'm starting to watch Grey's Anatomy again!! watching it the whole dayy! And I was suppose to study chem!! Manage to squeeze some in! hahaa! They should like, make series for us to remember it easily! LOLS ;P

Nothing much to do.. Typical Sundayy..Just lay back, relax, sleep... hmmmm...

I'm planing not to go school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday straight.. Make the time to study.. =P Gonna make up some excuse.. woot !!

Went for dinner at Hartamas Square.. It was so quite.. Noone was theree! But, Man Utd and Chelsea's game will be on so I'm guessing more people will be there.. Saw many people wearing ManU's jerseyy! blek ;P

Off to watch moreee Grey's!! Damn sad lar re-watching Meridith and Derek!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Do it like you do it to me, burn it upp

Ding Dong Mourinho's gone! That sounds so funny! ;P

Actually today was the day that I wanted to give myself up to study! Again, I woke up at 4 something this morning. And notice my sis isn't back! Called her and told her to get her backside back here or else I'm calling mum. And she said I'm worst than mummie!! How could she!! Well, which sis goes out till the break of dawn when their mother is out of town? MINE!!

I was SUPPOSE to study Chemistry today but, I was thinking.. Since it was 11 something, the day is still young. Maybe watch a movie, take a nap then study.. So, I did exactly that.. By the time I woke up, it was 3ish..

Alright STUDY.. open the first page.. It's almost time for that E! news.. Let's go watch that first.. Time passes.. it's edy 5 .. Took Zephyr for a walk, it's edy 6.. After a little of this and that.. It's 7 !!

When is the right time to study?? A DAY BEFORE EXAM is my answer !! I can't concentrate! I need to be in some loud concert or something ! I can't studyy!! CAN'T DO IT !! It's like a death row!!

Plus, I haven't even started on my account project !!

check this out.. All the show's that will be showing this month.

Prison Break Season 3 - September 17th
Gossip Girl - September 19th
Ugly Betty Season 2 - September 27th
Grey's Anatomy Season 4 - September 27th
Private Practice - September 28th
Desperate Housewives Season 4 - September 30th

Friday, September 21, 2007

at night I pray, that soon your face will fade away

Britney Spears vs. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.

It's actually sounds very nice! Mixture of Britney- Gimme more, Justin- SexyBack and Timbaland-The way I are.

It's a secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO

Finally finished the Interact Board! ;P Big thanks to Nisa and Zheee!! I LOVE the ' Interact Club ' word! Looks so funn!!

Mummie left to Genting today and won't be back till Sunday! So, I've invited the most lamest person to come stay with me!! =D Any idea who? hehee.. It would be so much fun with her..

Ooh.. That Grey's episode that I've downloaded.. It was like, about Addison.. From this show to Private Practice.. but, at the end of it, that was a little sneak peak of the next season! Lexie is so pretty and Derek cut his McDreamy hair! Not so nice anymoree!

I <3 Subway! yummie!!

*// Rewrite @ 7.07PM

Buuuukkaaaa Puuuasaa Nisa!! =P
I so don't know how to do the accounts project thingyy! sheehs!

hehe.. he looks so playful and cocky!! He's going to play the role of James Lucas Scott!! So cuuutee!! >.<

Didn't find a picture of Lilly Rose Scott thought. I'll bet they will be best of friends just like Lucas and Hailey! =P

Ooh right, I forgotten about something that happened in school today. We all went to the library for that accounts thingy and Pn.Liew was there.. Then she asked me.. ' you taking accounts ar? ' And I was like ' yeah. and I'm good in it ' Thus, she went and did that I-want-to-puke-face in front of me and everyone else.. How immature is that lar! Dahlah you're old!

Then, I went and asked Pn.Tan if she thinks I'm good in accounts and she said, ' you're pretty good, seeing you getting A1 for finals..' Then I was ' like GOOD! please go tell that to Pn.Liew! '

What kind of a teacher looks down on students? If you don't have the patients and commitment to become a teacher, no one is forcing you NOT to quit!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

You talk to much, but noone's really listening

There's a new colourr!! And it's pink!! Why is there so many colourss!! Black, orange,pink,grey,blue!! Where's purple and green and maroon and yellow!!!

Plus, I talked to my mum just now and she's getting the phone for me ASAP!! I'm getting a newwwphooonnnneeeee!!! Better yet, don't get my hopes up high!

Ohkay, didn't go school today and woke up at about 8 something.. Woke up every hour before that too! I have no idea why! But I keep waking up at 5 something for the past week!! Seriously!! Then, thought of going to school since I'm up! But I had to pick today or tomorrow to go.. And I have to go tomorrow for that acc shit project thingy! so..

I had nothing to do man! So, I went checking everything out.. From Vanessa's pictures ( which I couldn't find. Only the censored ones) to Ugly Betty, to Hairspray.. Then, I went to check out Grey's Anatomy and I saw this torrent ! I was freaking ouuuut when I thought it's outt! But, according to Wikipedia and, it airs on the September 27th! So apa ini?

(click on it to enlarge)

Anyways, download je lahh! But it says Greys Anatomy SO4E00!! Season 4 episode 00??
I can't wait to know what's that !!

If this is really an episode! Then it's super cool history dayy!! Prison Break on Tuesday, Gossip Girls on Wednesday and Greys Anatomy TODAYY! hahhaha! ;P

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

turn out the light and what are you left with?

Nowadays I keep waking up at 4 something! Ish.. And once I wake up, I can't go back to sleep until it's like 5 something 6! Then it will be hard to wake up again!!

Today, woke up at about 5 something. Then noticed that my downloads is done!! PRISON BREAKkk!! Watch watch!! They cut off Sarah's character!! Poor Michael then!

Went to schooooooool ! Then this Zhee Yi keeps forgetting that the Malays berpuasa and she keep offering them food! How rude! Yeah Zhee, you're rude! ;P

It was so boring! Luckily Zahier came to school! He's like my singing partner! hahaha ... And Arif! He's like my Rubik's Cube guru. And I keep laughing everytime I get to do the whole thing.. So, at the end, they didn't want to teach me because when I laugh, I was like a crazy woman.. LOLS ;D Too excited larrr!

After school, we went for lunch.. No gang no fun lar!! hahaha but it was fun sitting there talking for hours. It's fun to have a girls time and just talking about stuffs.. without any judgements..

After that, I came home, showered and downloaded some shows.. Went for tuition and it was freaking cold in theree! It's so nice to go out after that..

Did my daily chores.. Took Zephyr for a walk then make their dinners.. If I don't take Zephyr for a walk, he'll be angry and won't come to me when I call him! Emo much?

I think I've lost interest in Prison Break! I wasn't as excited to watch it as much as I am with Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy!!! wooooh

Noooot going to school tomorrow! =). Gotta finish up the Interact stuff and I'm off !! STUDY STUDY! It'll be one time when I say this. STUDYY!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Corner table just you and me!

Prison Break season 3 is outt !!!! ;D

I have nothing to blog about! I'm still amaze with Chris Brown's performance in the VMA's ! =)
We made crystals today!! for chemistry! It was super cool! hahah not really larr! hehee =P

Nothing much happened todayy.. The canteen was SUPERR quite! can hear the fly flying! And Julian is quite nice to hang out with. I gotta admit! He's super funny at some times..

Ahh, nothing tooo bloog!!

Went to Francis! Tuition was suppper laggy! and songs were in my head but I can't sing it outt!! disturbing loor!! After that, I was planing to go eat all the pasar malam food but it's edy 'sau tong' when we're there so went to Sakea Sushi!! I'm super full !!

I damn lazy to blooooooog! =)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I have got no Red American Express.

I had a dream last night about Rach's hair! Because we're all excited to see her new hair-do! hahah!! Anyways, in my dreams, we were all excited to see her! And when she got to school, we asked her to put down her hair and it looked the same to us!! hahaa but only shorter by like a millimeter! =D!! but then, we lied and said it looks fab!! HAHAHAA!! I can't wait to see! =)

I spent the whole day watching the press conference video! haha reply and reply! Then, I watched the Road to High School Musical 2 thingy! I like to watch all the behind the scene crap! It's nice to me! as nice as the movie! =P. If there's cute guys in it! hahaa

I'm so addicted to 50 cent's song! and Timbaland's after the VMA's!

usually, my connection is the bomb at night compare to the afternoons. But these days, the connection just is a bitch at night!! I hate it !!

I'm gonna make youu feel alright!

Iceman Sizzles! ;D

Formula One Belgian GP Results :
  • 1st : Kimi Raikkonen ( What can I say! 3 straight wins in Spa! )
  • 2nd : Felipe Massa ( like a rocket! zoOoOooOoOom! )
  • 3rd : Fernando Alonso ( ......luck...)
  • 4th : Lewis Hamilton ( youu did your best! )
  • 5th : Nick Heidfeld ( Yeah, nickky!! wohoo! )

Yeah!!!!!!!!! DAMN!! Rush of adrenaline! Well played ! It's safe to say that he is now the KING OF SPA! ;D!!

I like seeing this circuit! It's very flowing!! It even looks so smooth!!

I have nothing more to say! Good race pace. Good strategy! But, they still need Ross Browns back! =P

I love watching Race Day! Now, who says there's nothing nice to watch there!! I LOVE it !! This time, they took 'us' in the team's MOTORHOME!! And it was.. like paradise moving!! I can stay there till I die !!! It was supperrr glamorous and classy!!

Alright, although the Ferraris has edy claimed the Constructor's Championship, I would see like to see more Ferrari 1-2 for Kimi's sake to have a fighting chance in the Drivers Championship! Then, it'll be like cherry on an icing-ed cake! icing-ed? hahaha!!

I hate to say 'I told you so' but, Kimi won... Annnnndd Schumi was no where to be found in Spa which means he wasn't there which proves me theory of curse being with Kimi! C'mon!

I need something to belive in

Here's something funny during the Press Conference. =)

Q. Felipe, interesting overtaking Lewis at the start of that session. I know it doesn't mean that much.
FM: It's always nice to overtake. Practice for the race.

I just don't understand what is Alonso's problem here! I don't know if it's true, but according the, the Spaniard threatens his boss Ron to either let him be the number 1 driver or let him go, and threatens to go to the governing FIA about his 'new evidence'... He wants to cause troubles before going back to Renults! And I wonder how can he still be so cocky and show his face to the Ferrari drivers after what he riped off of them! sheehs!

I just downloaded the press conference! hehehee! Kimi was like, talking, looking at the camera! It feels like his talking and looking at me! HEHEHEE! I feel the rush of adrenaline!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dont turn off the lights.

Iceman leads Ferrari 1-2!

Formula One Qualifying Results :
  • 1st : Kimi Raikkonen ( ice,ice baby! Iceman sizzles! )
  • 2nd : Felipe Massa ( Flying like a rocket! )
  • 3rd : Fernando Alonso ( Not bad at all.. )
  • 4th : Lewis Hamilton ( Nice try though! )
  • 5th : Nick Heidfeld Robert Kubica ( Good job! yet, that penalty is a bitch! )

WOOOHH!! After going strong during practises! Kimi finally rises up for qualifying!!

I'm toOoOooOoOO happy to say anything! I was like refreshing the
page every 5 minutes to see if there's an update! And 3 minutes ago, walah!!

I'll update more on this post after I've watch the Qualifying later tonight..
Got delayed because of footie! shhehs! ;P

//*edited @ 1.11 AM

That slide thingy is really getting on my nerves!! I can't upload the pictures and it takes forever to save it! And if I click refresh, it will start all over again! DAMN IT!

Just done watch the qualifying! I was bursting out with pee! But didn't want to
go cose damn kan cheong! Anyways, great qualifying! Best one yet I might add..

Just as they thought Massa didn't have a fighting chance in Q1.. He changed it! came out of the pits! Gracefully? haha! ;P

Let's dig up some history in this circuit.

2006 - Belgian Gp wasn't held. I forgotten why.

2005 - Winner, Kimi Raikkonen starting from 2nd on grid.
2004 - Winner, Kimi Raikkonen starting from 10th on grid

Winner of Belgian GP 2004- Iceman! =)

Winner of Belgian GP 2005- Iceman =)

I just realise, although I highlight Kimi's name in red, doesn't mean I want bad things to happen to him! It's just in the spirit of Ferrari which is red!

Kimi looks happier back then.. Look at him, smiling.. Smile more lar! Don't have to be Iceman all the time! ;D

Here's how the party goes..

Kimi is first for the third free practise!! WOhho! Infront of Massa and the two McLarens!
Damn astro! Qualifying will be delayed AGAIN!!

Alright, although I'm on Ferrari's side. And I do like McLaren! I just dislike the idea of Alonso being there that made it look like I hate the McLarens. Anyways, what I was about to say is that I do think that it's kind of harsh to fine McLaren with $100million. That is alot of money! That can like, build a town in Africa!

__Beyond that **

Rachel is getting her hair cropped today!! She's probably edy short haired! hahaha! Unless she chicken-ed out and didn't cut! Did you Ray? *pok pok?*

I was pretty much bored the whole day! There's nothing to do!! And I can't study now! I'm a last minute-er! If I do study now, I won't remember anything then!

There's so many shows that I want to watch!
  • I can't wait the most to watch is Grey's Anatomy!! Which airs on the 24th September if I'm not mistaken!
  • Hairspray!
  • Knocked up.
  • Gossip Girl.
  • The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2!
  • Las Vegas 4!
I'm so bored !!

Hey guys, haha.. Not that you're interested.. LOLS! nevermind! =).. I know it's only me that goes crazy for him! Look to the right of the screen to know what I'm talking about. ;D

Formula One Qualifying Results will be posted shortly!

Friday, September 14, 2007

ayoo, I'm tired of using technology

I'm bored =(

Kimi was first during the first practise! In front of McLaren's Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. Massa had an unfortunate accident. Not a big deal. I hope!

Alonso is first during the second practise! In front of teammate Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari driver Felipe Massa and Kimi.

According to, FIA reveals evidence that lead to penalty.

On March 21 de la Rosa wrote an email to Coughlan stating: "Hi Mike, do you know the Red Car's Weight Distribution? It would be important for us to know so that we could try it in the simulator. Thanks in advance, Pedro.

"P.S. I will be in the simulator tomorrow."

On March 25 de la Rosa then sent an email to Alonso setting out Ferrari's weight distribution to two decimal places on each of Ferrari's cars for the Australian Grand Prix.

Alonso then replied under a section headed Ferrari: "Its weight distribution surprises me; I don't know either if it's 100 percent reliable, but at least it draws attention."

De la Rosa then replied: "All the information from Ferrari is very reliable. It comes from Nigel Stepney, their former chief mechanic - I don't know what post he holds now. He's the same person who told us in Australia that Kimi was stopping in lap 18. He's very friendly with Mike Coughlan, our Chief Designer, and he told him that."

The World Motor Sport Council found that:

"- Coughlan had more information than previously appreciated and was receiving information in a systematic manner over a period of months;

"- the information has been disseminated, at least to some degree (e.g. to Mr. De la Rosa and Mr. Alonso), within the McLaren team;

"- the information being disseminated within the McLaren team included not only highly sensitive technical information but also secret information regarding Ferrari's sporting strategy;

"- Mr de la Rosa, in the performance of his functions at McLaren, requested and received secret Ferrari information from a source which he knew to be illegitimate and expressly stated that the purpose of his request was to run tests in the simulator;

"- the secret information in question was shared with Mr. Alonso;

"- there was a clear intention on the part of a number of McLaren personnel to use some of the Ferrari confident information in its own testing. If this was not in fact carried into effect it was only because there were technical reasons not to do so;

"- Coughlan's role within McLaren (as now understood by the WMSC) put him in a position in which his knowledge of the secret Ferrari information would have influenced him in the performance of his duties."

I'm with 50! suck on Kanye!

T.G.I.F !!!

I love it when Friday comes! =) Especially when there's Formula One during the weekends!

School was so boring!! Rach forced me to go school to pass up the Moral project! But, as predicted, he didn't show up! It was soooo boriiing!

I was teasing Trina while she was reading the newspaper, calling her lame! Then I wanted to tape her hand onto the paper but tak jadi so we end up using all the tape.. And we don't know who's one it was! =P

Awayyy from that.

News @ Formula One.
McLaren was proven GUILTY and is striped from their constructor's championship points! That means, early celebration for the FERRARIS!! =P .
Also, they were fined $100 million USD! ( US Dollar!)

I'm bored! I want to sleep =D

.//* edited @ 5.30PM

Here's something I plucked out from during the press conference.

Fernando, why did you decide not to go to Paris? Lewis [Hamilton] is in Paris and Pedro [De La Rosa] is in Paris. Some reason?
Again I have no answer to this question. I will not comment anything on what is happening today. The answer will be the same as I said before. I am concentrating on the race. I don't think what can happen and what cannot happen in Paris. I am not in that matter today.

Can youu see the love the Fernando is sending out to his team! Don't you see how his skills in teamwork is! Man, I love having Fernando in my team if I have a team!

I'm being sarcastic!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots

Look that those eyes!! If only my eyes were green or blue! and NOT black!! Itu Nate!

Hey, did youu know that the Drew Seeley whom replaced Zac Efron in the High School Musical Concert sang ' Dance with Me ' in the movie The Cheetah Girls!? He can really sing! =P

Leighton Meester
Daneel Harris

Don't both of them look alike? Kinda alike? not at all alike?

Stephen, September 2004

Stephen, May 2007

Look at the differences!! He have grown fatter and out of his charming looks when he was younger! Not very THAT charming edy! But, Rach is in <3>with him!

Latest update @ Formula One.
Well, the case hearing for the spy case between McLaren and Ferrari is today in Paris! I can't wait to know who's the guilty or innocent one! Rumours has it that if the McLaren's is proven guilty, they will lose their championship points for this season and next season! Poor Hamilton if that really happens!

Gadis baik jadi buruk.

How random is this.
Growing up as a normal teenager in Laguna Beach, then went to Los Angeles to attend University and having your life taped for the world to view only to present an award at the VMA's in Las Vegas!
How unexpected this line is! Who knew that Lauren, Whitney and Audrina had the chance to meet with all the big stars??!! Well, having to watch Lauren's life on Laguna Beach didn't lead me to seeing her presenting an award to Justin Timberlake! Imaging her being a teenager, I'm guessing that her name wouldn't be famous and she wouldn't be presenting an award to the King of Pop!

Just finish watching the MTV Video Music Award.. It's a disappointment, really! It's so messy and kelam-kabut! And they all lip-synch.. Only Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Fertado and Timbaland didn't! gees! It was a disaster!! But, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! So, how sucky it is, it'll stay there! HAHAHA

I'm so freaking bored right now!

edit @ 5.00PM

DAMN ! I just re-watch the VMA's because the time when I watch it the first time, it wasn't done downloading! and DAMN! I freaking respect CHRIS BROWN kau-kau!! He'll be replacing Justin Timberlake man! Plus the two little boys dancing along side him! So young but so good! He's performance made everyone elses look like crap!! FUCK!
And Justin's! DAMMMMN!!! That guys sure know's his steps!

Guys, you gotta watch it to know what I mean!! Altho' the party is a bit messy, but their performances is to die for!

I was rewatching Justin Timberlake's tape. haha and he received his first moon-man with his band N-sync! and he was so happy..' We've got a moOoOonmann! ' now, he receive like receiving nothing only! =D

Bad day not to be going to school !! The weather was so nice! Not hot at all !!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Everybody up, everybody rocking

" I'm a musician. Wanna date me? "

What is Chemistry Peka in english?? The Peka part anyways.? Anybodyy..

Just now, I asked Pn.Uma what is the initial reading for our peka. The burette one. And she said it was 50cm. But I disagree! I said it was 0cm! Then I kena scolding kau-kau! She was like, if it's filled up, then the reading where got 0cm? It's a burette!! on top's reading is 0! Anyways, then, in tuition I asked Pn. Low and she said, it's definitely 0cm! I can't wait to rub that in her face! Scold me for no reason! shhs! Teachers! Think they're smarter that us in every thing.

Didn't do much in school todayy. Did my english oral! Rosdi is the most random person! He asked me to talk about beauty pageant in this country! He then asked Trina about local musicians! Oh wells..

After school, went for lunch at Kawloon! Rach went for a guitar lesson first, then Crystal said something about the ugliest one always get their orders last because the chef knows he/she is ugly or something! ahhaha! And Hollie was the last! As a defend, he's not at all ugly! =P

After that, Rach came and Cryst went.. Rach asked us to pre-order for her! Sai Toa See and Nisan noodle! She ate damn fast! We were like controlling her because she haven't even swallow the one in her mouth, she pop one more bite in! Then she sllluurrpp her nisan noodle! ahhahaha!!

After that, wandered around then went for tuition! Nothing much happened.

Today was funny.. In the car waiting to get down, I saw Crystal walking towards the school, then came Paul and Hollie, then I saw Whey Jinn then Jia Wen! then Queena! Everyone came at the same time! =) coolness!

What's wrong with my connection!! Freaking SLLLLLLOOOOWW!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is the final bound

Todayy is so freaking HOOOOOT !! plus, there's no bus stop! super hot! damn those peoples!

Today is a bit rushy-rushy! I was so extremely hungry when I came home and there was nothing to eat.. Then my grandmama told me to eat shit! =( So, after months not eating MackieD's, I called them!! Aren't they glad to hear my voice! hahahhaha!!!

Why do we only eat cakes on peoples birthday? Why don't we just buy a cake just for the fun of eating? weird isn't it?

Anyways, went for Francis! I love his tuition!! I don't know whyy! I actually ber-semangat to go man! I don't dare to miss a class of his! Because if so, you won't catch up edy! hahah

Anyways, I went in Czip Lee like 3 times today! hahahaha! First went in to get my files. Extremely pretty files I might add! =D.. Then went back again to get rubber and I bought Rubik's Cube! hahaha!! Nisa and Arif got me into it when they tough me how to play!

Then, went to Delicious for dinner with sis.. I ordered the Ms.Read's Shepherd Pie! It was nice at first but the more I eat, the more it taste like baked beans! So, I didn't eat like almost half of it..

Went in Czip Lee again with my sister! So then, I was looking for Trina's thingy that looks like a correction tape but it's glue tape! hahaha! Found it but my sis didn't allow me to get it =(
Anyways, went to Seven11 to get bites thingy for Julian! hahaha..

That day, I snatched Julians bite and it was open but I didn't know so, I terbalik-ed it and everything fell! ahhaha! It was super funny!

Came home, played abit with Zephyr then I rushed to burn Hollie's prison break.. then, halfway doing my Chemistry report, I noticed that everything of Zhee was wrong so I didn't do...

As I said, rushy-rushy dayy! My connection is not fast enough !!!! But still, I manage to blog for so long! hahahaa!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

There's more than me and youu

2007 Video Music Awards! I can't wait to watch!!

It's amazing how many moon-manS Justin took home!! =)
He is the winner of..

The Quadruple Threat of the Year
The Male Artist of the Year
The Best Choreography
The Best Direction

That is ALOOOOT of moon-manS!! =)

Britney Spears also appeared and did a performance for her latest song ' Gimme More'.. gees!

Enough of that !

Rach just can't stop talking about Laguna Beach and Stephen!! goodness!. Then today, we stared the bitch down. Tomorrow we'll do the pointing! hahahha..

I really <3 my whole class!! <3 them to bits! I couldn't ask for bet
ter classmates ever!

Edit @ 10.30 PM

Self-shocked! I was just watching the trailer and some few
clips of the upcoming show, Gossip Girl!! It's sooo, It's full of dramas! Serena is soo pretty, & Blair is so bitchy!( in a good way! All series needs a drama queen!) =P
And it's so cool that everyone will know when Serena walks in the door, with their gossips and side-kicks! So cool! And Nate, played by Chace Crawford! So cute!
Chace Crawford!! =)

Cast of Gossip Girl!
From the left : Dan, Serena, Nate ( in the car ), Chuck, Jenny and Blair

Man, now I'm eager to read the book! But I don't want to read it until I've watch the show. Because it will spoil the show if I read the book. Like Harry Potter.. In the movie, it's so disappointing! But I want to read the book! GOSH!

P/S : Rach, Chace is cute and charming and good looking! Don't say he's not good looking! Your taste abit off lately! =P

Sunday, September 9, 2007

They boys stare, we smiled back.

Happie Bitching 20th Birthday to my Bitchy Bitch!!

Nothing much happened todayy.. Didn't do much.. So, to sum it up, all I did today was sleep and watch Grey's! That's all !! And eat cake! LOLS =)

Alonso stomps Ferrari's home ground.

Formula One Italian GP Results :
  • 1st : Fernando Alonso (...good driving.. )
  • 2nd : Lewis Hamilton ( deserve a 2 thumbs up! )
  • 3rd : Kimi Raikkonen ( they do not call him the ICEMAN for no reason )
  • 4th : Nick Heidfeld ( common threat! )

Where do I start with.... hmmm.. First of all, I have got to give Kimi a big two thumbs up! He claimed 3rd place for Ferrari! Consider what happened to him in the past few days. With only running a total of 35 laps during practises when other drives ran a total of estimated 60 laps. Plus, his major crash before qualifying wasn't the icing on top of a cake..

Also with using the team's spare car, Kimi was also suffering from neck pain and headache from that crash.. To be a treat in the race, a driver has GOT TO BE as fit as a fiddle.. They will be replaced even if they had a flu for God's sake!

Anyways, having to suffer from suspension problems too, Kimi manage to drag the car towards the chequered flag!! The Iceman strikes back!

Massa suffered from some problems at the starting of the race. It was such a disappointment! Ferrari was suppose to rise above!

I can't say that this is McLaren's best race because they didn't have any treat coming along their way.. It was going as smoothly as silk..

Kimi's one stop strategy was gone to a waste! He didn't have the speed that he needed to defend his place from Hamilton!

I think that the BMW will be a threat in the near future. Just watch out!

Man!! They ( Paula and Steve ) was teasing Kimi! =( .. Calling him chubby Kimi !! Sheesh!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Alonso took pole in Ferrari home ground =(

Formula One Qualifying Results :
  • 1st : Fernando Alonso
  • 2nd : Lewis Hamilton
  • 3rd : Felipe Massa
  • 4th : Nick Heidfeld
  • 5th : Kimi Raikkonen
Comments will be posted after I've watch the qualifying... Astro delayed it.. * bastards * =P

Well, Kimi did as well as it can be expected after that harsh accident. =(
It'll all depend on the Ferrari's strategy now..

I believe that the Ferrari will rise early in the race tomorrow!! have a leap of hope! =D



Latest news about kimi raikkonen.

Kimi Raikkonen has walked away from a heavy crash during Saturday morning's practice session at Monza.

The Finn was approaching Ascari when his Ferrari appeared to suffer a mechanical failure and jerked violently to the right. It hit the concrete barrier and slid at high speed along a strip of grass that lay between the gravel trap and the barrier before crashing heavily into the tyre wall.

Raikkonen was able to exit the car immediately, however th
e session was red-flagged while the remains of the car were retrieved and the tyrewall repaired.

Changes had been made to the circuit in an effort to improve safety in preparation for this year's race, with the gravel run-off at the second chicane having been replaced by asphalt. However some drivers had highlighted other sections of the track as needing attention in the future, including the spot where Raikkonen crashed.

NoOooOoOooOo! I really hope he'll be ohkay to race for qualifying!! Oh mannn!!!!

Edit @ ... minutes later..

No wonder this happens to Kimi.. look who's there!!

Now, I know it's ridiculous that every time Schumi visits a Grand Prix, Kimi always finishes below 5 but then Schumi didn't attend any of the last few races and Kimi was doing fine and now Schumi is here.. That happened!

Take a look.. ( click on it )

Kimi didn't develop the friendship that Massa and Schumi have. They're like brothers and Massa listens to what Schumi has to advice. Sometime, I hope that Kimi would listen too! But he doesn't...

More to come.

Together with youu.

I woke up awfully early today! Around 8++.. Stupid doggies barking down there. sheehs.

While I was rolling on the bed, I was thinking of studying today.. maybe accounts or chemistry. Suddenly, my mum came in a started nagging. Saying why is the air-cond still on and why didn't I off my comp last night.. Which I don't off btw.. Then I snapped at her. I said, ' I don't like to see you first thing in the morning, you're becoming like grandmama each day and by seeing you, you darken my day'. Which is harsh, I know then I went to say sorry after I've freshen up.

Haha, you'll think twice before adopting me as a child. But really, she's getting off my nerves lately! Well, since it was early, I took Zephyr for a long walk.. I like it when he walks beside me.. Makes me feel like I'm a good dog walker. =)

After that, continued with my Greys.. I like knowing that somebody is watching it with me.. In this case, Whey Jinn! =).. Last time it used to be with Crystal!! Remember Cryst?? We download One Tree Hill then watch together! ahahahhaa! those dayys. sheehs =P

I tried to do accounts. The Hutang Lapuk part but I totally don't know a thing !! NOT A THING! damn it.. I can't give up on accounts. I'm not going to get a bad grade in it, not after what Pn.Tan says.. ' I'm so disappointed in you, even the 4 Bumi is better than you ' My ass!

Well, then, I went to watch a short live documentary! hahahahahhaa! Not quite. I went to see Zephyr bath.. He's such a good boy! He just stands there for mum to bath him! <3

I'm off to watch The Hills!


Friday, September 7, 2007

This love has taken it's toll on me


Alright, I didn't make it last a whole week =( Oh wells..

I really missed sleeping in my room! It's good to be back here! =)

Man, I'm really pissed off with all my torrent searching system thingy.. Torrent Spy sucks now.. Taking torrents from other sites and it's constantly not updated with new episodes. And Mininova is like, not having enough seeds and it's a real pain in the butt! Now, I can't download anything until I find another site!

Roger Federer made it through semi finals in US openn!! Now, he's against Davydenko to the finals. On the other hand, Djokovic is against Ferrer.. I'm so nervous!! Djokovic beaten FedEx in the Rogers Cup few months ago.. He also beated no.3 player Andy Roddick and no.2 player Rafael Nadal before he beaten the no.1 player in the world, FedEx!! He can't beat FedEx again! That will be disastrous!! * fingers crossed *

Formula One is back and is hitting up the Italian Grand Prix !!! yiiiippieee!!
Kimi must be so pressured to race there as it is the Ferrari's home Grand Prix!! Let's have another 1-2 win!! come onnn!

Speaking of, remember the spy case a few months back between Ferrari and McLaren, a new evidence just surfaced.. I really hope that the McLaren get penalise! haha!! And don't believe what newpapers says. It's not true at all man !! It's so off the track!

Here's a good news, for me.. The McLaren team was fined $50,000 for running a new so-called lightweight gearbox in Hungary that had not been crash tested. I guess that money is just wet wet the water.. It's a penny to them anyways..

I just can't figure out how to put pictures combining with each other into my blog! every time I put, it always stretches! gees!

I want to eat MackieD's!! I haven't eat it for so long! I'm guessing 2 months! I wannnnnna eatt..

edit @ 7.50PM

Man, I saw my old primary teacher while walking Zephyr.. Whats-his-face.. Roshdan I think.. I use to hate him like crazy but ended up liking him when I was around std.6 because he really helped me out with my studies in BM.. He's getting balder each time I bum into him!

After that, Amanda and her family popped in for awhile then left...

Oh man.. Zhee Yi just broke the news to me seconds ago.. Dana and Julian got fired because of Trina and I ! Bad decision to go in the library that day!! That
stupid bitch librarian whats-her-bitchy-face! Farhana or Far whatever bitch ass hole! Idiot I tell you! I think she added salt into the wound because it was a little thing I did there but still got them fired! I munched on that tiny little orange fish ball and they got fired! Bitchass librarian!

Kimi is first in during the first free practisee!! along with Massa behind and the two McLaren!! =)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Seal with a kiss

One more day to go!! So fast a week passed..

Class today was damn fun at the end when we had our oral! But before that, we had about 4 period free before recess. During that time, I was really wiped out! And it was so boring. Anyways, during recess, I think we got Dana in trouble.. That girl was really, a pain in the butt and her voice was like nails to the blackboard! ( some librarian girl )

After another free period after recess, English starts. He came in and told us that he'll give us a topic and we have about 30 seconds to come up with something to say and it's about 2-5 minutes each! WTH!! I can't think about that particular topic is a few seconds. But he's topic is not that hard. basic stuff.

The fun begins when the back person did theirs. And who I meant was Lutfi, Arif, Azahari. Lutfi talked about smoking and we helped him mumble his words from the back.. Which is so totally funny when he asked teacher to listen to him and ask to look at him when Rosdi is not. hahhaa..

Then Azahari talked about his friends. the last sentence he said, ' I don't know what I'll do without them ' made us all touched.

Then there's Arif's one which was the bomb! He talked about his class.. He classified us into groups which is funny.. He was like, ' we're different from other classes. they 24/7 study, we 24/7 chaos. Even Bumi-ians studies. ' Something like that.. then he said ' there's different stuff going on around here. There's the sleeping beauties ( Julian & Muizz ), the shufflers at the back ( them ), and the chinese wannabe malay which is Paul !! ahhaa we all started laughing. It was a nice thing to say about the class ler. and teacher gave him extra marks for saying ' out of my whole schooling years, this is the best class ever '

After that, OMG!! The teacher was so totally gross!!!! yuuuck!
Haikal asked Peng Yee who was presenting. Random question. Haikal asked ' do you play with yourself ' then teacher interrupts him and answer for himself.. '
I'm a very clean person ' Then Arif responded to that ' So you used soap? ' then we all started laughing then he said, ' Use plastic, sometimes even baby oil ' .... Who says that?!?!?! I was so totally grossed out man !! Horny bitch!

I was laughing so hard that I think I'm having a sore throat !!

I think my mum is starting to feel guilty! wahaha!! She said to me just now.
Mum : You want to use the phone for now? before I put in my things.
Me : I don't want to use your phone or take my phone for repair. You know as well as I do what I want.

- stare her down! -